Yellowstone Bear World Admission Gate:
Designing the first impression of driving up to Yellowstone Bear World. 
Welcome billboard at the entrance before the customer drives down the entrance road. This billboard is for the 20 year anniversary and is designed to match the Yellowstone Bear World Brochures that are found all around the Yellowstone and Teton area.
As customers drive down the entrance road towards the admission gate they see these 3' x 5' signs along the right side of the road. The signs are in sequence to show all of the experiences that are available in Yellowstone Bear World.
This is a concept drawing for the expansion of the gates at Yellowstone bear World in 2017. The customers come down the entrance road (right) which separates into four lanes and circles around to the four admission gates (left). ​​​​​​​
When the customer reaches the admission booth they see three signs: on the right side the passenger to the vehicle will see the disclaimer notice sign (24" x 30"), to the left of the window where the attendant is the driver will see the admission price sign, and to the right of the attendant window they will see the photograph policy sign. 
Upon purchase of the admissions at the gate the attendant will tell the customer the rules of the park and hand them a handout. The handout is folded in half and has the rules and disclaimer on the cover. This handout also advertises the additional experiences that can be purchased within the park on the back cover.
On the inside of the handout is the map of the park. It lists the hours of operation as well as uses universal symbols for certain amenities such as food, parking, and restrooms.
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